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Internet friends.

Posted by Neoslayre - November 2nd, 2016

I hope to eventually meet them all in person.  Maybe if I get invited to pico day I'll see a few but that doesn't seem likely right now.  


On another unrelated note.  Does anybody know a good mic for a beginner voice actor?

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If i ever met u id kill u cos u took my hert



I hate those people on facebook. lmao


U wot m8

I once saw a post saying "Like for this little girl, ignore for Satan" and then i said "Satan" and this girl got really butt hurt about it, she was like "GO DIE YOU NEED JESUS YOU SICK DEMON"

Lmao. People take those kinds of things too seriously. Unfortunately all of my Facebook feed is that because of my friends. In fact the other day my gf sent me one of those via messenger. Ill show you through pm.

you'd be a fun person to meet irl tbh.

Thanks. Same to you.

I used to want to meet a bunch of internet friend irl but now I'd meet like maybe 2

I'm the least interesting person there is tbh

Also it'd be weird talking to their face because I don't know what most of them look like


Do you know what I look like?

@Centaurora your face doesn't match your personality so it'd be kinda weird talking to you face to face :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

My Dick matches my personality. Abused and small. Heyooooo

@luckylighttitan I act a little different on the internet than irl so it probably matches my personality irl

Plus you've seen like two pics of me so I know better


O shit dad double life. Wait were you my kid or was i your kid. We need maury on this.

We'll find out someday my son and/or dad

Also I think I've seen a pic of you but I'm not sure, you're like blonde right?

Also I can PM you a pic of me if you want :^)

Depends on the lighting. Sometimes blonde sometimes red. Ill try to find this one picture I posted a while back.

Edit: here it ishttp://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1330025/172

Edit 2: @radaketor FUZZY WUZZY http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1330025/168

i dont think you and @centaurora have seen a pic of me yet.

maybe you have idfk

I don't think so. SHOW US YOUR FACE!!!!

@brandon I think you mentioned wanting me to see some picture but you never showed me it

Not like it's killing me to know what you look like but ya know


I always knew you were a pussy

That's MY pussy >:(

Just randomly showing me pics of your pussy? What a shore you are

I bet you're too much of a PUSSYY to make a steam

Too far

Too far in the pussy aka YOU

Btw where do you live again? Is the state on your profile info accurate?

Yep. Right down to the city

that steam is never coming, huh?

Not soon. I am $200 in debt to the bank and I am failing every single one of my classes right now in school. So, unfortunately I don't have the money or time. After I get those squared away then I could buy a computer and get steam. :(

If you'd like, I could give you advice on how to fix it. Though you'd have to promise me that you'll at least consider it, because I'm tired of giving advice to people who ask for it, but then never follow my advice

Sure. What's the advice?

There are two ways to resolve this:

1st: You could resolve your debt and grades one at a time. I suspect that you still have a job, yes? If you do, you need to drop your job and work on your debt later. You still live at home, so not having a job won't be that devastating to you.

I suspect that high school + work is putting a real heavy workload and stress on you, that it's affecting your grades. But you need to use this opportunity of having free time to study rather than dicking around with your friends or whatever.

You HAVE to graduate high school. I don't care what people say, but getting your high school diploma should be a top priority, above even getting a job.

Your 2nd option is to talk to a school counselor at your school. Here's what you need to ask:

1. Ask them if there are any ILP programs at your school, or something like it. An ILP program is an Independent Learning Program, where the student gets to do his homework and classes at home. This will give you an advantage of working at your own pace, rather than being forced to work at the pace your school wants you to work at.

An obvious temptation of doing this is procrastinating. Don't worry, I did that too, but you have to bear in mind that you'll never succeed in high school if you don't do anything.

2. Ask your counselor if it's possible to get *ALL* the homework for all of your classes all at once, and then you can work on them at your own pace.

3. Tell them about whatever academic troubles/obstacles you're having difficulties overcoming, and ask them if they can accommodate that.

That's actually some pretty solid advice. Thanks,man.

With the second option, you still get to keep your job and shit